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New South Wales, Tamworth

Tamworth is located in the north western region of New South Wales, Australia and serves as the administrative center of that region. In June 2018, Tamworth had a population of 42,872, making it the second most populous inland city in New South Wales. Tamworth is on the Peel River within the local government area of Tamworth Regional Council. The distance from the Queensland border to Tamworth is 318 kilometers, which places it almost midway between Brisbane and Sydney.

In 1888, the city became Australia’s first place to use electric street lights, earning its nickname “First Town of Lights”. As well as being the “Country Music Capital of Australia”, Tamworth hosts the Tamworth Country Music Festival in late January, which is the second-largest country music festival in the world after Nashville. This city is recognized as Australia’s National Equine Capital. It is home to a high number of equine events and a world-class facility, the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.


Before European contact, the Kamilaroi people inhabited the area. John Oxley passed through the Peel Valley in 1818 and commented. ‘There is no finer or more luxuriant country than the waters of this country’. This extensive valley offers more advantages to the industrious settler than any other place on Earth. Cattle and sheep stations were established in 1831. On the same day, the Australian Agricultural Company was granted a lease for 127,000 hectares (310,000 acres) of land at Goonoo Goonoo, extending to present-day Calala, south of the present-day location of Tamworth.

On the Peel’s southwest bank, the present location of West Tamworth, an early company town developed in the 1830s. On the opposite side of the river from the existing settlement, a public town was gazetted in 1850. As a result, the town became known as “Tamworth” after Tamworth, Staffordshire, represented in parliament by Robert Peel. A railway reached the town in 1878, and the town prospered. The first streetlights in Australia were commercially owned in Waratah, Tasmania, in 1886, but were not used until 9 November 1888. In recent years, the town of Tamworth has gained the title of “First Town of Light” thanks to its municipally owned power station that provides electric street lighting.


The city of Tamworth lies on the western edge of the Great Dividing Range, on the banks of the Peel River, approximately 420 kilometers north of Sydney on the New England Highway, and 280 kilometers west of Port Macquarie on the Oxley Highway. This city is nestled along the Peel River floodplain at the base of the Wentworth Mounds, a spur of the Moonbi Range, where the Northwest Slopes meet the Northern Tablelands. Tamworth is situated at an elevation of 400 meters. It lies along the Peel River, which runs through it from southeast to northwest. The main city centre is situated on the northeast bank of the river, between the river and the towering Wentworth Mounds, which rise to 800 meters. On the southwest bank of the city are the suburbs, which are much flatter. Chaffey Dam provides water for residents and industry in the town, about 44 km south of the city.

A total area of 240.7 km2 was recorded in Tamworth in 2016. Located in the Tamworth Region, the Tamworth Regional Council area includes the towns and villages of Appleby, Attunga, Banoon, Barraba, Barry, Bective, Bendemeer, Bithramere, Borah Creek, Bowling Alley Point, Bundarra, Calala, Crawney, Daruka, Duncans Creek, Dungowan, Duri, East Tamworth, Garoo, Garthowen, Gidley, Goonoo Goono,Hanging Rock, Hillvue, IronBark, Kentucky, Kingswood, Klori, Kootingal, Limbri, Lindesay, Longarm, Loomberah, Manilla, Mayvale, Moonbi, Moore Creek, Mulla Creek, Namoi River, Nemingha, New Mexico, Niangala, North Tamworth, Nundle, Ogunbil, Oxley Vale, Piallamore, Red Hill, Retreat, Rushes Creek, Weabonga, Somerton, South Tamworth, Tamworth, Taminda, Thirloene, Timbumburi, Tintinhull, Upper Horton, Upper Manilla, Wallamore, Warrabah, North Manilla, Watsons Creek, West Tamworth, Westdale, Wimborne, Winton, Wongo Creek, Woodsreef, Woolbrook, Woolomin.


The climate in Tamworth is warm with hot summers and mild winters. In the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts, it is included in the rainfall records and weather forecasts for North West Slopes and Plains. Tamworth is classified as a humid subtropical climate by the Köppen climate classification system.Around 20–25 days a year, temperatures exceed 35 °C, but the number has greatly increased over the past few years. In the summer, the maximum temperature is 33 °C, and overnight temperatures are 18 °C, with 673.2 mm of rainfall on average. During the day, winter is mild or even warm, and by night it is cool to cold. Temperatures during the day hover around 16–17 °C and occasionally reach 20 °C, and overnight temperatures hover around 3 °C.

 Tamworth broke its previous record of 42.5 °C on 12 January 2013, by 0.5 of a degree, but it did it again on 3 January 2014, by almost 3 degrees, by recording 45.1 °C. Since then, 45.9 °C was recorded on 12 February 2017, breaking the previous record. A steady rainy season is experienced throughout the year, with summer storms bringing heavy downpours. Early in a new year, Tamworth’s rainy season can cause flooding. Snow rarely falls in Tamworth, but can sometimes be seen in nearby villages such as Nundle. Frozen ground is common in Tamworth. During the 28 and 29 of November 2008, torrential rains caused severe flooding in Tamworth, Gunnedah, and the surrounding area, resulting in the area being declared a natural disaster area.